Time is limited

I have a friend whose Dad is dying. Their time together is almost up. He wrote to me: “Yes that thin place between heaven and earth, the spirit waiting to be released, signalled by tenderness (having been given permission to express, from vulnerable breaking down mortality/physicality). Personality intact but losing grip, Spirit preparing to bid adieu/new flight pattern, mysterious subconscious “defragging”, body preparing for transition.”

Life is fleeting, fragile.  We’re here – then suddenly we’re in eternity.  For a moment we’re captured by the clock, our body (Paul calls a tent “cause it’s temporary) then as our breath and Spirit escape the bonds of Terra Firma to what Jesus refers to as “paradise” we face separation.

As a pastor I’ve sat beside numerous folks who have stepped over the threshold.  It’s quite an experience.  However to sit by your Dad, as in my case, or anyone you love and care for – well that’s another experience.  If you don’t know it’s coming I suppose that’s hard.  I haven’t had that exprience, yet.  But when you know – when you are aware that time is limited.  It changes things.

The reality of it is, we are always in the context of limited time.  We just don’t seem to acknowledge it.  Or I suppose we become so caught up in the daily grind that we don’t think about it.  Not until you get an email like I did today.

Time is, after all, our only non-renewable resource.

So while you are enjoying the merriment around the tree or the table this year, remember that every moment is precious.

Wendy’s had a philosophy of living for many many years – ever since I’ve known her – she lives so that she will have no regrets.  Wow – no regrets.  No regrets at least in relationships.  She and I will have some regrets – we should have done this or that – but when it comes to relationships, that’s different.  So do what you should, say what you can.

When the sand runs out of the hour glass – have no regrets.

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