What can go in the green bin

Alberta must have lots of open space.  Of course they have less than 4 million people living in the entire province.  Not so in Ontario….we’ve got more than that living within a 30 minute drive in any direction.  So it stands to reason that all those people create a great deal of garbage.

As a result the City has a well organized plan to reduce, reuse, recycle…including your food scraps at the end of the meal.  Put them in the garbage …oh no!  Put in the green bin – mashed potatoes, left over KFC, carrot sticks, stale lettuce, bits of gravy, crumbs from the toaster…it all goes in the green bin.  And then once a week you put it out with the garbage bin (black) and the recycling bin (blue) for pick up.

However, somethings don’t go in the green bin.  The City has a solution to help you know what doesn’t go in the green bin!

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