Friday thoughts

The Joy of  a wedding

Fridays in the summer find me looking out the window.  (that won’t surprise those who know me well) My current view is from the 6th floor of THQ.  I tend to look towards the horizon, not down onto the roofs of the buildings near us.

Seems that weddings are the topic of discussion on many fronts – I’ve the opportunity to be part of two weddings (on the same day) next May.  The bride’s-to-be are nervous and excited all at the same time.  I would like to be part of these special days but I think we’ll be in Bermuda then.  Time will see if those plans come to fruition.
paddling on a glacier
Philip and Amanda are off to climb the Bugaboos tomorrow.  They love the mountains – and frankly I miss them too!  While it’s been a while since I was on a glacier, those are strong memories that, when things are quiet, are easy to recall.  This wonderful photo shows a unique perspective on a glacier.  Imagine floating on one?!  I wish this was one of my photos – it isn’t!
Final thought for today – there are two people who have told me they want to be follower #100 on my blog.  Who will it be?  We should soon be able to let you know.  Who will join in the meantime.  So we welcome followers 95 and 96!

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