What are you doing here?

We were at Jacksons Point tonight – the Lakeside site – for the Wednesday evening program.  The music was superb, and I really enjoyed seeing some “old” friends.  I was asked…the tone being a bit cynical, “I have to be here but what are you doing here?”

Truth be told – I wanted to be there.  I wanted to take in the evening, to hear some good music to be with good friends.  Why not be there?

I’m a bit surprised at times – perhaps I should not be but I am at the way in which people view the good things of life.  They look at the evening and see time wasted.  I see time invested.  They see a difficult journey,  I see the adventure.  They see “the same old song”, I see a reminder of a classic.

I shouldn’t be surprised but I am.

Tomorrow you and I are going to run into circumstances that perhaps we didn’t really want.  Time wasted or invested?

Will you be surprised?

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