The 1913 Earl Travel Trailer

The Earl Trailer 1913

The Interior

RV life is for many a love story.  The drama of picking up and travelling wherever the road leads to settle on the banks of a river, the shore of a lake or the shade of the forest towing a portion of home behind the car brings great joy.   Of course the life of an RVer is quite different today than in days gone by.  In looking on line for some RV history I discovered that RVHotline has a page dedicated to RV history.

Here’s the Earl Travel Trailer from 1913 – considered to be the earliest – in fact the top photo shows a Model T pulling it.  No F350!  Imagine.

RV lifestyle has come a long way but the pleasures are all the same – to be in the great outdoors and enjoy being away “from it all”.  I’m always amazed at how little we can live with for a month in the summer.  Could we do with less the other 11 months?


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