Every Mormon a Missionary

I keep bumping into LDS folk… members of the controversial Latter Day Saints – often referred to as Mormons.  They are very strong in number in the west, and in the USA the only growing “faith group”.  They are not accepted into the main stream of Christian community or thought for they are considered to have added to the Gospel, adding additional “inspired” works from Joseph Smith.  Joseph Smith’s revelations do not dove tail to the rest of Scripture and the secretive requirements of the LDS leaders qualifies them as a cult.

In fact it was of interest to me this week when a leader of the LDS (locally) visiting Ottawa for the National Prayer Breakfast commented “We raise alot of money and I often wonder where all the money we raise goes”.

Their aggressive evangelistic manner is wrapped up in their motto “Every Mormon a Missionary”.

It seems that the Christian Church at large has become one of consumerism.  Hugh Halter has a couple of things to say to The Church at large about Mission…

Hugh Halter: Turning Consumer Christians into Missionaries [VERGE 2010 Breakout Session] from Verge Network on Vimeo.

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