From Ottawa to Slave Lake

The Nation’s Capital is the sight of many interesting events.  If you have lived in Ottawa you’ll be aware of the huge celebration on July 1st with fireworks that compare to the “shock and awe” attacks on Iraq!  Then there’s the lights and decorations of the Christmas season on Parliament Hill.  This time of year it’s the tulips that paint the parkland and bring thousands to see the annual gift from The Netherlands.  I haven’t mentioned the political rallies, historical buildings and statutes.  This is a city of remarkable cultural colour.

Tonight it was the site of The National Leader’s Dinner – a preamble to the National Prayer Breakfast tomorrow morning.  Tonight Stockwell Day shared his story of faith.

While all this is happening of course our minds turn back to Alberta and Slave Lake.  With 40% of the town destroyed by fire, The Salvation Army is working with first responders – many of whom have lost their own homes.  Tonight has come the news that our properties were not destroyed and so we will have a base to work out of as we try to support the town people.

There are no services in the town at this point – no gas, water or electricity.  But we will work to provide whatever support we can especially in practical ways.  Please keep our workers in your prayers.


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