Surgery in the garage

This morning, while looking across the TV channels, I saw a commercial for knee replacement parts.  You heard me right…an advertisement for parts to replace your knee.  The one that is half way done your leg – that’s right!  On television.  At the end of the ad…”see your physician”.  What?  You mean I can’t get it at Rona and then install it myself in the garage?

Jason said at the end of it…wait coming up next a commercial for a lawyer “If you’ve bought a knee replacment and are now suffering the effects then you may be eligible for a large financial settlement.” 
No sooner than was that over than a commercial came on for a pharmaceuitical company.  And you know how those commercials for drugs end…”along with the benefits of ABC you may also have side effects of “headaches, naseau, backache, boils, shortness of breath, bleeding from your eyes, black fingernails, loss of hair, stroke, suicidal tendencies, blindness, or DEATH”.  How is a stroke, or suicidal tendencies or DEATH a side effect?

And how is it that companies will try to sell us anything?

So what do you think – want to buy a knee replacement?


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