Viewing the world with eternity in mind

I was back at the Alberta Legislature today to meet with the Legislative Pages – a wonderful group of young people with inquisitive minds and mature manners.  This is the second time I’ve met with them – Karen came along to keep me on the straight and narrow.   The point of these meetings is to let the pages learn about their community, thus different people come and talk about themselves, their work, their life in the community.  The Pages are always willing to ask questions – and they ask good questions.

I always begin by telling them about how the Church of England came into being which led to the Methodist Church which led to The Salvation Army.  Even as I type that I wonder what will come out of TSA, and what will the story be a hundred years from now?  The story of God’s working in our world isn’t about one denomination or another – it is about God’s moving men and women forward in service to the Kingdom of God.

Sometimes we lose sight of that.  We need to be able to see things as God does.  That means viewing our world with eternity in mind.  That’s how John Wesley, William Booth and other great men viewed their world.

I tend to look at my to-do list with a shorter term in sight.  I am reminded that every day God is at work in us and around us.  Can you see his fingerprints?  They’re on YOU – ya know!

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