New Assignments

Some of you will know we’ve just returned from the first round of Personnel Consultations.  The process runs a bit like this… Personnel forwards a list of officers, those in sequence for a move, in other words those who have been 5, 7, 9 etc… years in their present appointments.  Then in discussion with those officers, and in some cases their leadership group, we determine if we will recommend they move or they remain.  Along with that are the usual issues – retirement, resignations, overseas moves, health or family issues.  The Divisional Leaders with Cabinet Secretaries then discuss Territorial and Divisional needs.  Over two days a plan begins to emerge that makes a frame work for further discussions over the coming weeks.

Eventually reassignments will go to the Executive for signature and then announcement.  That’s a simplistic description but fairly accurate.  
The annual moves have become for us a bit of a spectator sport – people love to speculate, love to see the list, see who is moving!  It seems however this isn’t unique to our denomination.
One of the blogs I follow is that of Father Powell.  His latest post: A new assignment.

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