Blackberry rules

What are the rules for cell phone use?  I think we’re all convinced that talking on the phone and driving is dangerous….unless of course you have a hands free device.  I love my Blue Ant bluetooth device that clips on to my visor.  Sorry Oprah – I’m NOT signing your pledge to not drive and talk with my Blue Ant!

If we are going down that road…so to speak…then let’s get food, makeup, shaving, talking to people in the backseat, reading a map etc….out of the car too.  They are all distractions that need to be managed properly.

But what about the other places people use their cell phones?  One of my least favourite past times is listening to one side of someone’s phone conversation – especially when they talk loud enough for the person on the other end of the conversation to hear them without the phone.

And then there are Blackberry and iPhone users.  Does it annoy you when the person you are talking to is looking at their device rather than you?  Are Blackberry users being rude if they check their device while at a meal, a meeting, an event?  When is it okay to check?

As an avid Blackberry user I must say I’m working at not letting my Blackberry rule my life but be a tool for a better life.  It ain’t easy at times.

The Globe and Mail printed this story about Tony Clement’s Blackberry use, and Dalton McGuinty’s banning of them from the Cabinet room.

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