Spokane to Grand Forks

Travelling from Coeur d’Alene to Spokane along Hwy 90 is, as most interstates are, effecient and convenient.  We travel along at a good pace, enjoy many opportunities for stopping, including the necessary shopping excursions as they arise – it isn’t unpleasant!

From Spokane WA we departed Hwy 90 onto Hwy 395 north towards the Canadian border.  Escaping the city we found a very pleasant, scenic drive.  Crossing the Columbia River the road then runs along the Kettle River where sandy banks and cool, quick moving water invites the rafters and tube riders to sit back and turns a summer afternoon into time standing still.
Even pulling the tailer we rolled along easily enjoying the view.  The further north we went the more picturesque we found the drive.  The wide open valley closed in and we found that the road ran right along the river almost begging us to stop and set up camp for a night.  A few campgrounds seemed to sit along the way but for the most part there was little in the way of civilization except for the swimmers who were enjoying the lazy river ride.

We’ve driven some wonderful roads in the past 3 years across the west but this was definitely one of the nicest and we recommend the two hour drive!

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