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A summer day on the mountain

So what do you do on a summer’s afternoon?  Maybe lie on the beach or stroll through the shade of a park?  Maybe you like to make your way to the local ice cream shop?  And then there’s Phil who likes to climb on to a glacier and play in the remaining snow atop a peak in the Rockies!
Why does he like to do this?  Well we could thank Tom and Mike for the introduction to the mountains in 2001 when Phil and I went with a group they led up Mount Rundle.  We thought we were going to die before we got down…more from bleeding feet than anything else, but we learned and Phil has loved it ever since.  I expect one day to see a photo like this with Amanda and Carlyle right beside him.


For Canmore – Noisy Locomotive

Following the floods in Canmore a number of people have asked how our kids are!  I’m happy to say they are well – and they don’t live in Canmore anymore.  They moved to the town of Tofield AB in January for Phil’s work.  They do miss Canmore and I suspect that one day they may either be back or in the neighbourhood.  Phil pointed me to this great video from The Noisy Locomotive.
Enjoy the toe tapping music!