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10000 reasons to be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!


Good Friday 2013

Here we are in Tofield AB!  It’s been wonderful to hold Carlyle – just 7 weeks old.  She’s entirely dependent on those who love her to provide her with all things good.  She can’t do anything for herself.  Can’t get herself food, can’t go Tim Horton’s, can’t even say her own name!

And of course we’re all giving her what she needs – no need to use the word “deserves” – it isn’t about that.  She’s the product of love.  She’s the object of love.

And on a Good Friday isn’t that true for us all.

We don’t talk about deserving God’s love.

We are the product of His love.  We are the object of His love.

And in response to that truth, I couldn’t think of anything better than to post than Matt Redman’s song “10,000 reasons”.  Sing along if you like!