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Spring IS in the air

I was in the local big box home hardware store and all the patio furniture is out.  With the warming temperatures the thought of sitting outside enjoying the warm air is in the forefront of our thinking.  I even managed to get the back gate open that had been blocked by about 8 inches of ice on the ground. So now I’m watching for a robin or two chirping their spring song.  
Have you seen any?
At any rate I just had to sit for a moment and imagine being up at the trailer enjoying the summer weather.


April eve – the snow remains! New post for Quilter’s Block

A new post is up on Quilter’s Block!  Wendy’s been working on a baby quilt!

This was day 6 of the federal election campaign – the exciting news…Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff are exchanging Tweets!  I wonder if we are really qualified to vote?  Do we really know enough about economics,  or global finance to make choices around policy differences offered by the various parties?

The NDP are going to fix Ottawa?  Really?  Fix the system that has provided Canadians with one of the best standards of living in the world?  Fix a stable, though we agree a biased system, so that it is fair for all?  Really?

Let’s hope the collective wisdom of Canadians can choice correctly.

Finally – it’s the last day of March and for the record here’s a photo of our backyard…looks more like mid-January to me!