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No guarantees

Welcome to follower 65…the genesis of this blog was in my desire to be able to share our days with family in Ontario after we moved to Alberta. I never envisioned followers…just family being interested!

Tomorrow I will lead the funeral for Amanda’s Uncle Doug, Dave’s brother. Loss of loved ones is a deep emotion which, like the tide can overwhelm at times. It has been a while since I have done a funeral, and it is always a sacred thing to be invited to share such a personal journey. Doug was just 6 months younger than me – a young age to die!

But then that’s life – none of us ever really knows what lies in the next day. There are no guarantees – only grace to live. God’s grace is sufficient. Entirely!


Grace Alone – inspiration

Ev’ry promise we can make,
Ev’ry prayer and step of faith,
Ev’ry difference we will make
is only by His grace.
Ev’ry mountain we will climb,
Ev’ry ray of hope we shine,
Ev’ry blessing left behind
Is only by His grace.
Grace alone which God supplies,
Strength unknown He will provide.
Christ in us, our Cornerstone,
We will go forth in grace alone.
Ev’ry soul we long to reach,
Ev’ry heart we hope to teach
Ev’ry where we share His peace
Is only by His grace.
Ev’ry loving word we say,
Ev’ry fear we wipe away,
Ev’ry sorrow turned to praise
Is only by His grace.
– Scott W. Brown
– Jeff Nelson