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What does it take to be a favourite quilt shop? (from 2011)

from Wendy (2011)

I’ve mentioned before that I like to seek out quilt shops as we travel. Last year when we were in Spokane, for example, I had a list of quilt shops I wanted to visit and one day we put them into our TomTom and set out to find them. We did find them all – except one that turned out to be an internet only store that was out of some one’s home…but that’s a blog entry for another day. If I am traveling for work I often try to allow an extra 15 – 20 minutes on the journey to make a quick stop if I know of, or come across, a quilt store en route.

Once I’ve found the shop, I soon know whether I am going to want to come back. How so? Here are a few of my thoughts…

I consider the fabric – does the store have a good variety?
  • do they carry fabric collections?
  • does the colour selection connect with the what I like to use?
  • how are the fabrics displayed and organized

Does the store inspire me? – I must admit, I like to see samples of inspiration hanging on the walls, from the ceiling and other shelves or tables around the store.

  • I do find that a good selection of patterns along with fabric pre-packaged in kits very enticing.
How am I treated? – is the staff friendly, helpful, available? If I am looking around or ask for something, do they tell me they are closing in 10 minutes?

 When I am in my ‘quilting mode’ I am looking to enter a quilting community, one where I feel like I fit. This is my hobby, where I get to spend some time doing something I can get lost in and be creative, even if only for a short period of time.

You’ll be able to follow a few more of my favourite quilt shops along the way.


Dr.Pepper and Clamato

In case you’re wondering, the title is not a new drink combination.  Far from it.  It just so happens that our favourite soft drink is Dr. Pepper ~ not always available at fine restaurants ~ but almost always available at our home!  And please don’t suggest that this is a cherry coke substitute, nothing could be further from the truth.  Dr. Pepper is Dr. Pepper and the other Dr. Substitutes are not suitable replacements.  So I think we have that straight.

So what does that have to do with Clamato….well Clamato Juice happens to be my favourite juice.  Did you know it is made from Tomato Juice, Clam Broth and spices?  And did you know that the original Clamato Juice was made by Motts in 1966? And did you know that Motts is owned by Dr. Pepper?

Yes that’s right – Motts & Dr. Pepper!  So you know that they have this household market sewn up!