Congratulations #3

I have to admit I tease her a great deal, but then isn’t that what older brothers do? But really, I love her and admire her many qualities. Obviously so does her employer! Look at this!

Employee Spotlight! And look what T-shirt she has on!!

Yes, Cath is a really great employee and works hard to make those who come to the hospital feel like they have been heard.

She’s also a wonderful sister. Now I tease her by calling her #3. That’s from a long time ago when I was programming my Mom’s phone (landline) and you programmed it by number. Mom had her three children in the first three numbers – press 1 for Fred, 2 for Leanne and 3 for Cath. So I would say… “ya know, I’m #1 !!. But of course, Mom loves her children all the same… except for me.

I’m her favourite – another banter back and forth. Cath had t-shirts made for us a few Mother’s Day ago and we wore the shirts to see Mom, who was locked up due to the pandemic. Despite rumours, she was not incarcerated for bad behaviour.

Here we are outside The Meighen Residence.

Mom’s favourite child

So here’s a toast to Catherine – she’s a wonderful sister and a great daughter to our Mom.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    A great post Fred and yes we are so proud of Catherine and her dedication to her work & her love of the Lord which has motivated her life and her work & yes I love you all exactly the same

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