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I’m not talking about the weather

I am so tempted to begin with a weather comment.  It’s so…well, Canadian!  But I will resist the temptation to tell you how cold it has suddenly become, and to bemoan the fact that snow is nearby.  I won’t tell you how at this time last year we were around 30 C.  No, no…I will not do so.

Instead let me tell you that I’ve put our patio furniture away for the winter and tonight I put some of our potted flowers inside the garage.  Can you guess why?

Driving down the alley way tonight I noticed that one of our neighbours has enormous sunflowers growing along the back of his property – probably 15 or so of them.  So I caught this photo.  Sunflowers are amazing plants – they grow quickly, have hollow stems, reach tremendous heights (these are near 9 feet tall) and the heads are very heavy.  And who doesn’t love sunflower seeds?

Strangely enough – even though we are 3 hours drive north of Calgary this is a much better climate to grow in.  Though now the sky is dark by 8:15 p.m. or so.  It won’t be long before the days are short – very short.  But first we are off to Winnipeg to see the newly minted cadets…and Jason and Susan too!


A weekend with Phil & Amanda

Fishing on Pine Lake
The perfect pose
Phil, Amanda, Wendy

The weekend with Philip and Amanda was a real highlight in our summer – and to have Susan join us too was great!  We took the canoe out Saturday morning and Philip did some fishing – but Pine Lake did not produce any fruit for Phil’s labour…well it was really my labour as I was the one paddling.  Amanda sat in the middle and we all shared in conversation as the fishing line went in and out.

We are in day two of our Leadership & Family Camp.  Floyd and Tracey arrived safely yesterday afternoon, and the organizing committee did an excellent job on the opening session.  All the new officers were welcomed with black cowboy hats…!
Amanda & Phil

For those who are unfamiliar with the west, the “hat ceremony” is a way of making someone an honourary citizen.  The tradition really flows out of Calgary with their White Hat Ceremony.  Edmonton uses black cowboy hats and Red Deer uses Red cowboy hats…as DHQ is in Edmonton everyone got a black cowboy hat!  Even the kids.

Pine Lake Update

It was a sunny, though slightly cool day here at PLC.  Music Camp finished up, the kids got their awards, the parents showed up to take them home, and the faculty drove off trying to stay awake!  We also said good-bye to our candidates and prayed God’s blessing on them.  We’ll see them again mid-September in Winnipeg.

Camp being camp, it wasn’t surprising to see a bicycle up the flag pole here at good ol’ PLC!

Phil and Amanda are with us for the weekend.  This morning we enjoyed a canoe ride on Pine Lake…having Phil paddle is like having a small outboard strapped to the canoe.  He did a bit of fishing – but as the song says; “but he caught on fishes”.

Susan is here…she was here for Music Camp and heads home tomorrow.  It is two years tomorrow that they were wed!  So a very happy anniversary wish to Jason and Susan.  Hopefully by tomorrow night Susan will be home with Jason.