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A very generous offer

Posted here are four photos that are in the final running to be turned into a painting.

You see my very talented aunt Freda is an oil painter…and a very good one!  She’s offered to do me a painting and I’m very fond of Mount Rundle (top).  It is a unique shaped mountain and was the first one that Phil and I climbed.  (Remember the bleeding feet Phil?)

And of course the wild life around the mountains is always stirring…rugged and fearless!

But I love the Three Sisters (bottom)…

So if you wish to vote you may do so…top, elk, sheep or bottom!


Happy Birthday Cath!

A very happy birthday wish to Catherine – my youngest sister!  I was up at the Cottage with Nanny Eastland  in 1968 when she was born.  As the cottage had no phone each day we would take the boat across to Morrison’s General Store where we bought most of our ongoing supplies.  This day there was a message to call home collect.

The phone was a wooden one hanging on the wall and a handle on one side that you cranked to ring the operator…I know it sounds like something from 50 years previously….and then the operator phoned Hamilton to my parents where my Dad answered and told me I had a baby sister.

Well the years continue to click by and now Cath is a wife and mother….but best of all she’s my sister!  So we wish her the very best on her birthday and look forward to the day we live close enough to celebrate together.

He’s a second year cadet


It was wonderful to touch down yesterday in Edmonton – it was a good week away, but like Dorothy said “there’s no place like home”.  The Territorial Leader’s Conference, Officer’s Councils, being with The General, The Congress was all good but the highlight was seeing Jason come down the aisle as a second year cadet.  Year One is done, and while there are many more experiences to go, he’s off to Bay Robert’s for his summer appointment.

Sunday night the Ambassadors of Holiness were highlighted as their summer appointments were recognized and each of them made it onto the big screen as evidenced below.

Susan is, of course, in Winnipeg for the summer and so we will be keeping them in our prayers.