Psalm 131

img_20190521_151314The Scripture records the words of the Apostle Paul as “I have learned in all things to be content.”  Not something easily arrived at, or attained if it ever can be.  But here’s a prayer from Psalm 131 which I am praying – Lord let this be true of me.


It’s Wednesday

In these days of retreat, we’ve been sharing stories.  We’re all men here and we’re building a community of trust so the stories have been characterized by honest reflections, a deep personal journey and a sense that God is in the room speaking through each other. I have rarely had this kind of experience, sadly, and so I am enjoying every moment.

These men are from various parts of the country and from a number of different backgrounds and denominational frameworks.  Some I know, some are becoming new friends.

As I’ve been listening to them, listening to The Word and to God, I am feeling a sense that God has done great work in our lives (Wendy and I) and that we are enjoying the fruits of many years of faithful and diligent service. We are past the years of early marriage, discovering parenthood, endeavouring to make a contribution to ministry and are enjoying time to reflect and look towards the current season.

Today Mark Buchanan joined us and talked about the contrast of being large or small – choosing to step over mountains or being lost in the lawn.  It was interesting and I was amazed at how he took the Scripture and our imaginations to make us really think about our place in the world and our ambitions.  He’s on later tonight – I will be taking notes.

Of course, the scenery here is spectacular.  So I’ve included some shots below for you to see.  If you pray, would you pray for this group of ten leaders?

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To retreat

Dallas Wiilard writes, “if you don’t come apart for a while, you will come apart after a while.”

This next week is a wonderful opportunity for coming apart from the normal hectic pace of life, to change not only the focus but also the pace. I am desperately looking forward to it.

Yesterday was mostly travel but also connecting with a group of men, some of whom i know, but in creating a community, we begin to deepen our trust with each other.

I think about how Christ came in to his community building friendships and credibility with men and women, how he challenged their perceptions and beliefs, how he challenged their faith in God and assured them of His love. This week will be similar and, i believe that Jesus will be doing the same with us.

I am grateful for Wendy’s support and encouragement daily, but especially for opportunities like this.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.