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Time in Winnipeg

Leadership is a critical matter when it comes to the life of any organization and so investing in leadership means that you invest the people who are the leaders. That is what these days in Winnipeg are about. Today was spent with the divisional youth leaders and tonight was dinner with the new divisional leaders. Tomorrow I’m with the area commanders for the morning and back with the new divisional leaders for the afternoon.

Listening to those working in leadership reminds me of our days in the divisional work and I remember all too well the sense that the problem-solving is complex and often fraught with emotional baggage.

It is exciting as well to see how committed these leaders are to making a difference in the communities where they live. They understand that influence is in their hands and they have opportunity to impact people’s lives.

We are enjoying being in Winnipeg and being with friends too – that’s always a good part of these gatherings.


September already?

The trailer has been put to bed for the winter (yes, already), the neighbourhood is looking more autumn like, the schools are buzzing again and at work everyone is back from vacation and the calendar is full for the coming months. It’s hard to believe that the ninth month of 2016 is upon us.

We’ve had a good summer. A record hot summer says the weatherman and one of the driest on record. My tomato plants did not fare well during our absence.

So it’s back to routine. I have to say I love the routine – I like seeing the full calendar in front of us and the various events and projects on the horizon. Are you one of those people too? Or do you prefer the open schedule with lots of options and time to choose? Personality types abound and we all cope and thrive in different settings. 20160905_150556

I know Jason is anxious to get on with his grad studies – he discovered he not only loves learning but he’s good at it.Susan is looking forward to having Rachel is school and seeing how she starts her learning experience. Now she’ll be able to concentrate on the twins a bit more during the day. Amanda is enjoying her maternity leave with full days of now two little ones always looking for fun and food. Phil is commuting again – and is back in the world of EMS. He’s juggling the demands of all this too!

Family life is complex and challenging. It doesn’t appear from the perspective of being a grandfather to be getting easier!

So as September rolls along we pray for all our family. For our parents, our children, our grandchildren, our nieces and nephews, our siblings, that God’s blessing and leading will rest on them all.

Looking over my shoulder


Have you ever walked down the street and looked back over your shoulder to see what’s behind you? Or maybe you have been driving down the road and with mind wandering you glance in the rear view mirror to realize that the road is rolling under you with little awareness of what has been passed.

When I see pictures like this one, and maybe you have the same reaction, I am shocked at how close and yet how far away is the memory. How does our mind capture and store song, conversation, images? Why can I remember the sound of my Grandmother’s voice but unable to recall the name of my grade four teacher?

Fascinating, I think.

The mind is amazing, powerful and fragile. When I smell a mix of oil and gas I am immediately transported to the dock at the cottage. I am suddenly 7 or 8 or 9 years of age and it’s summer and all my memories are positive and pleasant.

That’s what happens when I look over my shoulder.