Home to the garden


This has been a week of news – some excellent news such as the progress on our IT revitalization work, and the completion of our pilot project for our property department’s new mandate and restructuring. Other news not so good, but I won’t go into that here.

Congratulations goes to the Governor of Florida for chasing the $1 billion development planned by Disney. Where will it go? Who knows? Walt Disney moved the development of Disney World to Florida out of Louisiana because of the behaviour of the mayor of the intended city – so it isn’t the first time significant investment was lost!

It was wonderful to arrive home yesterday to discover that while we were away our roof got new shingles and our flowers are blooming.

Notice the rock in behind the alpine poppies – that’s from our garden in Scarborough and previously from where we had it at our trailer site. As well you can see the bleeding heart, which is one of my favourite garden plants. I have planted one at almost all our quarters in the past 25 years – starting in Calgary.

I use a tomato cage to keep it up when the blossoms get heavy

So that’s all great! Just before we left Toronto we stumbled across Mr. Puffs Dessert Bar. Apparently others know of this – it was new to us. We were looking for a hard ice cream but this was really good.

Check this out! Chocolate ice cream dipped in a dark chocolate coating. Now this coating is a soft coating and doesn’t break when you bite into it. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Finally – a view of our apple tree blossoms! I see lots of delicious apples in our future.

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