The Eastern Waters

I use to refer to Philip, Amanda, and the grandkids as the Western Waters… now we’re part of the Western Waters so I guess Jason and his kids are the Eastern Waters!

being in Ottawa gave us the chance to be with them – and to have a couple of special moments – like supper Kettleman’s – a Montreal style bagel shop. Oh – that was good. Cream cheese and lox on an everything bagel!

Rachel, Beth, and Ted are of course growing quickly – most noticeable to us I suppose because we don’t see them often. And Grandma especially loves to take the girls shopping to make sure they have what they need.

Tonight Ted and I played chess and I am able to report he is really developing!

Sunday afternoon we spent almost two hours down at the park throwing the frisbee around – that was a great amount of fun!

This morning we had the good fortune of attending Ottawa Citadel for the morning service. It was so nice to see so many good friends from our time there. We farewelled there 23 years ago to head off to Calgary.

Tulips in Jason’s garden

We’re looking forward to our next visit in July.

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