News from the Villa


The natives are restless. The work of replacing shingles on the Villa has slowed as the amount of smoke in the air increases some days plus it has been very hot! Yes – Edmonton is experiencing a bit of a heat wave. My Ontario friends think this is the cold part of the country – ah, NO!

I hear, from the residents of The Villa that the smoke is worse in the southern parts of Alberta. And today the word on the street was – it’s going to rain. Well it did – for about 10 minutes, lightly.

We need a good rain – rain that goes deep into the ground. Of course that would help the problem with the fires and clean the air.

Did I mention that one of our neighbours died suddenly – she had not been well and I had wondered how she survived the pandemic as she had respiratory issues. Her husband was shocked and told me he always thought he would go first – he’s had a couple of heart attacks!

Tomorrow is ‘walk about day’ for the condo board members. We need to make a list of things that are apparent to us that need attention. As none of us have any expertise in construction it seems an odd thing to do, but there are noticeable matters that need attention.

More news – one of the units down the street from us is about to begin renovation – it’s likely going to be flipped on the market. I hope they are watching interest rates…not the best time to be in speculation, but hey let’s see what happens.

It was gardening day in the Villa – it seemed like everyone was out with dirt, pots of plants and shovels in hand. Some folks don’t grow plants, they just go and buy what is the final product. We have one of those. I’ll post more pictures soon.

In news about unfortunate incidents, here was a close call. Early morning – out of the shower, feeling pre-occupied with other things and it is time to brush my teeth. Grab the tube by the tooth brush, flip up the lid and…. wait a minute! That’s not tooth paste!!

makes your teeth smooth

Tragedy averted.

And finally, in news from The Villa, it is apparent that there is a place here for us to be friends and perhaps chaplains too. Some lovely conversations this afternoon.

We are very happy here.

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