I thought about entitling this Airports to Avoid – but right now I feel like I would like to avoid them all! Enough is enough.

Security is theatrics… yes they measured my pocket knife and let me carry it on, and yes they let the inebriated man who was swearing and threatening people on to the plane and yes I’ve seen enough antics that I don’t think security is secure. And I’ve had enough meals running through the airport, or sandwiches carried onto the plane to last a lifetime.

Oh, and yes I’ve spent enough hours awaiting delayed flights or better yet canceled flights to say that for the foreseeable future, I would like to avoid airports.

The picture above is in Calgary. They at least have golf-cart-like buses that run along the length of the terminal that you can hop on and off, but many airports require you to walk 10 or 15 or 20 minutes from one area to another.

I was hardly home – one day – when we packed up our bags to head to Ottawa. Leaving behind the warm 25+ temperatures and sunshine for the cool and wet weather in Ontario.

But before we went – a picture to mark the progress of our tomato plants!

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