Ottawa visit


It may be home to the government of Canada or the House of Parliament, but it is also home to Jason and the kids. So while here on business we have been lucky enough to have some time with them. Of course, the kids are growing up and every time we see them we are struck by how much more they have changed, not just physically but emotionally and intellectually.

Beth and I took a walk around the block one morning and we HAD to go to the park too where the swings are! She’s a bright chatty kid who has lots of energy and loves to be active. She is also into sketching and if she has a piece of paper and a pencil will draw up all sort of things.

We had the good fortune of being able to drive out to Casselman to have dinner with Celine and some of her family – her Mom and Pat, and her brother Steve. We enjoyed a delicious meal and Pat showed us his train set up in the basement. He has put years and a lot of money into it and I thought…hmmmm, could that be a retirement hobby for me?

I think it is a hobby that might be a bit too rich for me, but it could be fun on a smaller scale. We’ll see.

The visit was lovely and the family is kind and generous – that’s for sure. We are so pleased that Jason has met Celine and they are enjoying each other’s company and finding common ground to move their relationship forward. I am hoping in the years ahead to have many more visits with them and with us.

I wish Ottawa was closer to Edmonton – or that Edmonton was closer to Ottawa but it is not. So we take advantage of times like this.

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