Celebrating Philip

Another birthday – another milestone in the life of Philip – put another candle in the cake!

Philip and Amanda – gardeners

I’ve said this before, but I don’t know many people who have the scope and variety of skills that Philip does. His background in construction and in paramedicine, along with his IT skills and general knowledge makes him one of those people you ask when you are stumped! And he’s smart.

I thought in light of his birthday and the milestone it represents, that I would add a few photos here of Philip over time.

with big brother Jason

This is a copy of a larger picture that hung – first in a dentist’s office – and eventually in our home! The studio that did these pictures was so taken with this that they used it as part of their advertising!

Taken in the park during an outing with my folks, I had my camera with me – think pre-cell phones – and asked the boys to climb up for a picture. Phil, true to nature took the hard to get to place!

Philip has always been creative, loved putting things together, loved taking things apart only to put them back together! He has always loved working with his hands – whether it was with wires and batteries or wood and tools.

on the toe of the glacier on Mount Hector

He’s always loved the outdoors!

dragging the old man through the trees

And he loves his family – he’s a great husband, super Dad!

Be careful with her!

Happy birthday to a wonderful son – we love you and celebrate you today!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Yes Philip has so many gifts & skills he is amazing

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