Spring is in the air

Okay, so it’s the minus numbers and the garden is hidden under snow! I admit that’s true but Saturday we bugged over to Salisbury Greenhouse and just walking in gave the greatest feeling of being in June! Oh, my. What a wonderful sensation. Bright, warm, humid… and flowers!

There’s a lushness to these places that is hard to describe. Even though the floors are concrete and there is no sense of luxury – it’s all really low-tech; you get the sense that you are being spoiled. And of course, the contrast to the outdoors only heightened your sense of this.

If I couldn’t drive and someone offered to take me out for the day, I might say bring me to a greenhouse!

We went to look at seeds, and get some potting soil and trays to grow. My Christmas present was a greenhouse (small for indoors) and a grow light. So I’m really looking forward to getting our seeds in the soil. Philip is now ahead of us! NOT that it’s a competition!

What was interesting was in the greenhouse there was obedience training going on for dogs and their owners. It was really interesting to watch – yes I could have stayed and watched that for a long time!

So yes, I think spring is on it’s way – still some winter to get through but sunrise is earlier and sunset later – hope is in the air!

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