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Facebook I’m almost done with you

When I joined Facebook there were about 70 million users. Seems like a lot of people. Today there are approximately 1.86 billion. Now that’s a lot of users! More than half of Canadians log on and the number keeps growing. The calculation is that there are 10 to 20 million users who died since they created their accounts and their accounts are still active.

I’ve already told Wendy – if something happens to me – don’t let me live on-line! I don’t want a happy birthday Fred message showing up after my funeral! (yes there will be a funeral).

But you may not have to wait until my death to see my profile disappear. Apparently someone trying hacking my account, and the amount of rude political debate has almost got me to cancel my fb account.  Now you need to know there are two accounts that are mine on fb. I have one with a gazillion friends…well people who know my name. I don’t use it like I once did and frankly I’m losing interest. Secondly I have a family account – 23 members only and all family. Sorry friends – no one but no one gets in this group who isn’t family. This account will likely stay…so I know what you’re doing.

Which raises the question for me – are people still really interested in connecting on fb? Am I the only one who rather have a conversation – or go for ccoffee or send a card?



Jason is NOT joining the Armed Forces

Okay, so I have to admit that it was me.  I know most of you thought “this is just the kind of thing Wendy would do”….but alas it was me.  Jason and Susan went off out of the house and there was his iPad just sitting there.  When I picked it up it signed into Jason’s Facebook account…and well I thought I would do a post for him.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Fred, that’s so out of character for you”.  Yes, indeed.  I don’t know what overcame me to do such a thing.

Since we’ve – well since Wendy’s had so many people ask her about Jason joining the Armed Forces I have to say he isn’t.  It was me who put that on his page.

So relax people – he’s not going to boot camp.

Facebook – discernment necessary

I really enjoy Facebook – yes I could live without it and yes I have at times suspended my account so I’m not dependant upon it.  It is what it is, a good place to connect with people, keep up to date with friends and it is tremendously powerful for both good and bad.

When linked with other social media it’s power to communicate is extraordinary.

Everyone once in a while…last night I might add…I see things that people express on Facebook that surprises me.  I know, but now I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

Posts about what people think and feel – and then the comments….sometimes well meaning but poorly placed.  I am not sure why the original post was public but there it lies…and it is going to get comment.  Tonight’s banter is about the allowance of officers, and the usual comments about what it’s like in the real world.  The original post isn’t helpful because it is just a small sliver of a much larger discussion and the comments…well, after working to recruit candidates I can tell you that this kind of debate in this format doesn’t help.

Sure officers loose money when their kids graduate but name me another organization that gives you additional money when you’re kids are born?  Sure we don’t pay mortgages and household upkeep but we also don’t get the investment outcome either.  So there’s a balanced conversation to have.

Unfortunately Facebook isn’t likely to draw it out…instead there will be a number of comments and someone will be offended.

So while Facebook isn’t likely to go away just yet (I think it will one day), the content needs to be carefully measured.

Maybe it’s a good place to ask “how would I feel if this was on the front page of the Globe & Mail tomorrow?