Noah makes it to CBC

Noah recently wrote to say he had an interview for a job at CBC…did I have any pointers for his interview? Yes, I did and gave him my talk about how you show up… very important… don’t be a slob…and even included instruction on making sure his shoes were clean, polished! Oh, yeah, it’s a video interview. They won’t even see your pants! Nice – way to go Uncle Fred!

Well, he did have the interview, and low and behold he’s got the job. He is doing live streaming, and of course, while college gave him the basic skills, he’s learning more on the job.

Isn’t that true for us all? We take some basic skills and hopefully some manners, into the workforce and build from there. We have to have the contextual skills but then we learn the culture, the specifics of “this job” and where we fit in the big scheme of things.

here’s a young Noah – and a younger sister Laura!

Noah is a special kid who has worked really hard to accomplish this! He has had to prove himself in so many ways and overcome some significant hurdles so I think we’re all busting with pride!

So now he’s working for the public broadcaster and will be learning lots about the technology and the industry.

Congratulations to Noah

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Yes we are all proud of Noah and his determination to do his best

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