Putting down roots

Snowy Wednesday in Edmonton

While the temperatures were rising the snow was falling – yes indeed today turned out to be more of a snow event than first forecast, but we were not detered. We ventured out to, of all places, the garden center. Lots of Christmas decorations were not left over… looks like it was a good year for selling anything festive and related to Christmas.

I was interested in what was in the live plant section as we think about the fact that it is looking more and more like there won’t be much travel this winter after all.

I know this as a money tree

Here’s what I would like to grow. I’ve bcome quite fond of these after rescuing one at the office that was severely neglected and nursing it back to health. But I didn’t buy it….

What we did find was this little gem… and for just $5.

We brought home some fresh potting soil and repotted it now bringing the sum total of live plants in the house to two.

Two live plants

There is something nice about live plants, I think I enjoy seeing the new growth and feeling like we’re partners in nature in a very small way. I would like to think about some english ivy too – I had that in my office in Toronto and enjoyed seeing it grow and it is very tolerant!

It was enjoyable day and somehow being in the green house in winter gives me a sense of relief from the cold and snow…even just for a few minutes. I love it.

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