Here come the benefits

Well, it’s hard to believe, but I have finally reached that age of entitlement. Yes, 65 years of age and the government wants to send me money, every month! Can it be true?

In my 30’s I was told that the Canadian government would run out of money before I go to 65… I guess they’re still in the printing business because they’re sending some my way. I’m taking the OAS and deferring the CPP… yes I have a strategy. And yes it seems surreal. And if you’ve not reached this age, it’s coming!

Taken near the house

So is this the beginning of the winter of life? Or am I still in the autumn years? How many years do I have to live? No one knows except the good Lord. I don’t really worry about dying.. and as I’ve teased in the past, “I would like to die like my grandfather, in my sleep, and not like the 4 passengers screaming in his car”.

Yes, it’s a good time in my life and I’m grateful every day for a wonderful partner in Wendy (coming up in February to 43 years of marriage), a great family, a lovely home, and a sense of walking with Jesus every day.

God has blessed us richly

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Happy 65th Birthday Fred you have been a great son and I am so proud of you enjoy your benefits

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