Life in Edmonton

the apples ripening on our tree

We often get quite a reaction when people ask us where we have moved from and we say “Toronto”.

“OH! Do you know how cold it gets here?” they ask.

When we tell them we’ve lived here before and that we also lived in Calgary they react differently – “oh, so that’s different.” We’ve lived in different parts of the country and every region has its pros and cons…and usually are affected by some major geographical feature, whether it is the great lakes or the mountains or the ocean or the open prairies.

Living in a city of course is different than a smaller town – as we learned living in Listowel. I think we like a city that isn’t too large and life in Edmonton is fairly relaxed compared to the crush of Toronto. On top of that we tend to live in our corner of the city – everything is within a 10 minute drive for us and we’re near two main highways. Almost like being hear the DVP and 401 in Toronto except the traffic here actually moves along almost all the time.

I was at the store recently and in the parking lot was this sign for parking! I thought it was funny and took a shot.

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