Guess who’s coming to dinner

Last Friday evening Wendy and I cuddled up and put on this wonderful film from 1967. I loved it. It does not have a large cast, no violence or chase scenes nor any vulgar language or sexual innuendo. It tells the story of an interracial couple and the dealings they have with their family and cultural implications during the 1960s.

There are some wonderful narrative in the script, especially the monologue where Mrs. Prentice, played by Beah Richards, speaks to Matt Drayton, played by Spencer Tracey, about what happens to old men, to those who grow old and forget romance, love and the passion of youth. Her monologue is worth paying close attention.

The second monologue or narrative is that of Matt Drayton talking about the reality of racial tension and the demand upon a relationship that the culture would demand of them. Tracey’s delivery is masterful, as you would expect and while Hepburn has a quieter role in this movie her ability to carry the emotions of the movie make her role noteworthy.

This is one of the great movies and I was really glad that we watched it again – you may wish to invest some time in watching too. It is currently on Netflix.

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