There are people in all our lives who accomplish things – sometimes early in life. Philip and Amanda are two who have had great accomplishments early in life. Jason too has had great accomplishments but it took him a bit longer to get there. And then there’s me… starting an MA at age 55. Now that’s more than a bit longer.

But having achieved we celebrate because it means hard work was done and something started was completed.

In fact, I think if you see a single Mom or Dad raising kids or you have a more mature student sitting in your first year classes, or you discover that a person with some personal challenges has gotten up the courage to try to make better of themselves we should be kind and we should be encouraging. I mean come on – these people have courage!

And so that brings me to Noah. He found his courage and got himself enrolled in a program that was a big challenge and he worked away at it. He percervered in the midst of the pandemic and has successfully completed his college program. So we say CONGRATULATIONS NOAH!

By the way, his sister Laura, sometimes referred to as LV, has also been slugging away in her nursing program and she too has braved the pandemic to get her classes and labs done! And along the way her Uncle Fred gave her some very valuable advice – “always carry a red pen”…. why you ask? “Well, in case….” are you ready for it? …. “in case you ever need to draw blood!”

You’re welcome.

At any rate, Noah sent me one of his final projects – a video featuring his Dad and it is a great story and a great video.

I’m waiting for Laura to send me something… not sure what but I hope it’s not real blood… as part of her final assignments.

So here is the video, entitled Noah’s Mini Documentary.

You may want to forward to 30 seconds into the video.

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