This is Our Story

So in the past few days I pulled out a private publication which my Dad wrote in the early days of his retirement. It tells the tale, in some detail, of the journey from home, feeling called to be officers, for he and Mom over forty-three years. It’s a delightful read and while I had read it before, that was in the late 1990’s after Dad wrote it.

So it was refreshing to re-read it. I can hear his voice, which is lovely after all these years is a delight, as I read the words. I understand more today than ever before, especially with our approaching retirement, and having served in the Governing Council, the references to certain events and the troubles within them. Somethings are repetitive in the cycle of life and organizations.

It’s been a joy to see how he made a difference, and to see how I’ve been able to continue some of those matters.

Of course it is a different day and lots of things have changed.

My Dad’s notes, which were on behalf of my Mom as well, don’t get into those details too much but mark the milestones of their appointments, the highlights of family, and the relationships which they valued. Names familiar with my growing up are peppered throughout the story. It’s wonderful to see them and to hear his comments about the warm and meaningful relationships enjoyed.

from 1959

I included this note from 1959 and the team of people involved. These are wonderful people noted here and many who had influence on my life.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great story which has impacted our lives.

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