An undivided heart

While we have been at THQ now ten full years we’ve both had different appointments during this time. I’ve had four appointments and Wendy has had three. Glenmore Temple however, was our longest appointment serving there seven years. I would have gladly stayed on but as the Lord saw changes coming he prepared us through other appointments.

So when I received an invitation some time ago to share a message with Glenmore Temple I was pleased to do so. The corps posted my sermon as part of their broadcast today and you can find it here. My thanks to Denise for this opportunity.

You’ll want to watch for the trombone player in the bathtub and I got a kick out of Kerry pointing to the embroidery on his shirt…more than once!

The kids had fun with Glenmore Times! Most of these kids I dedicated! I’m getting old.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    What a great picture of happy memories, how quickly the years go by and life changes my sweet niece now in Heaven

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