Last day of August

I cannot believe how quickly the summer has gone by – seems even shorter this summer. Not sure why, but it does.

Numerous meals outside on the patio, a visit by Jason’s kids, a trip to Edmonton and Ottawa and a little day surgery marked my summer. How about yours?

We sooooo enjoyed being with the kids and grandchildren! It was a real delight. So here’s a small update on each….

Philip – Mr. Energy… he’s loud, happy, talented with gifts that go beyond his training in carpentry and para-medicine. He loves his family and his interaction with them all fills the house with energy and sound! He’s smart, remembers what he reads and has a real grasp on technology. But don’t be fooled by the hands on gift. He gets people – how they think and react. He sees the good in others and values them for who they are.

Amanda – Mrs. Energy – how does she do it? My goodness, she keeps those kids going all day, engages them in really smart ways, challenges them with tasks but always guides their thinking and development so that she builds character in each of them. She is the ultimate “sees good in other people” person. She has abilities and talents too and her gift with people is one to be witnessed. When they moved into their new home she immediately began friendships down the street and now she’s got some really good friends nearby. She’s a great match for Philip and brings love and encouragement to the whole home!

Carlyle – she is getting tall and takes on the role of big sister with authority! She looks out for Fitz and Paige, gives them direction, love and encouragement. She loves them and she is always trying to help them. She’s got quite the flair for art and is always being creative. She loves Barbies! She loves lego! She’s an amazing reader for her age – I know some adults who don’t read that well! One last comment, she has asked Jesus to be her Saviour, to be her guide in life, and she has a most sensitive spirit.

Fitz – he announced one day in church when his Dad asked him to be quieter, “I’m a loud boy”. That’s just a bit of Fitz. He loves cars and trucks and I mean he really loves playing with them inside or out. He doesn’t mind the weather and gladly with rain suit, snow suit or just shorts is happy to be out of doors. He also loves his big sister and plays with her as much as she’ll let him. He isn’t always as anxious to let his little sister play with his trucks and cars but she holds her own! The other thing about Fitz is that he loves being up early – a day is not to be wasted seems to be his motto.

Paige – she’s the youngest of the three but what an appetite and what an adorable smile! She loves her brother’s cars and trucks! She loves being thrown around by her Dad. She loves being cuddled up with her Mom. She has the biggest, brightest smile! She has lots of words and they are really clear! She is quickly moving from being a baby to a tumbling toddler. She likes doing whatever Fitz and Carlyle are doing – she loves being with them!

Fitz tackles the maze

Jason – having completed his Masters of Arts in Political Science last year he’s landed on his feet with the Office of the Auditor General. Jason is a thoughtful, considerate leader. He’s a natural leader who is innovative, creative and quietly ambitious. He’s a good Dad. He loves looking after the three kids, and as they live with him, he is often juggling many competing priorities. He has to be on duty all the time but he is always open to the need of his kids and makes every effort to care for them in the most gentle way. Jason is not only well educated, but well read and he has interest and insight into many topics. He loves to cook and his kitchen is probably his favourite place. Jason has broad life experience and it shows in the way he interacts with others. Like his brother Philip is incredibly kind to others, and he often takes opportunity to support others. Jason has been an avid reader, though life doesn’t him give him much time for that now, his reading has really fed his broad understanding of life. I think the difficult times of his life have formed his understanding of how those around him need room because, as we all do know, you never know what others are walking through.

Rachel – the eldest of our grandchildren – and the only one who actually lived with us, yes for a whole year! From one to two years of age she was under our roof with her parents. So now to see her as a nine year old is so wonderful. She is sensitive, loving, and cuddly! She loves Barbies, and she and Beth are often found in their bedroom with all the little shoes, dresses, accessories etc organized with the dolls. There’s always a narrative going on with Rachel – she loves stories. Rachel does not LOVE being out of doors, but she loves riding her bike. She is a good reader too. She does well in school and has many friends. Rachel loves staying in touch and it is not uncommon for her to call us on her tablet. Rachel is also a bit of a guardian for her younger brother and sister. She really watches out for them.

Beth – is a twin – but she’s also her own person. She loves her Barbies too and will play with them with or without Rachel. Beth is a bit more interested in the outdoors and riding her bike. She is an excellent reader and likes books very much. She can run like the wind or cuddle up with you. She is easy going and looks out for her brother. Beth likes cats and she often has a stuffed kitten nearby. The other thing you notice with Beth is that she’s got a good appetite and enjoys all kinds of foods.

Ted – is a twin – but as the only boy is very different from his two sisters. He has become very interested in games and has learned to play chess and checkers. His checkers game is doing better than his chess game but it is really interesting to see him learn and develop. Ted loves to explain things and uses the word “actually” with a frequency not unrelated to how his Dad talked at his age. Ted loves the computer games and manipulates his way around with ease while carrying on a running dialogue. Ted is quieter than the others and is maybe the quietest of all our grandchildren but he is very sensitive and cares deeply about his family. Ted is a gentle boy who loves being near his Dad.

So that’s a little bit about our family who we have had time to visit this summer. Today marked the first day back to work, to the inbox, to the video calls. So I think this is a good song for today.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    great descriptions of your children and Grandchildren, and I loved the choir

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