A little bragging…

I’ve written several times about our kids, how proud we are of them and of their accomplishments. They are very different from each other which showed up pretty early in life. Jason loved reading and read some of the great classic literature while very young. When we went camping he loved to bring a good book along and you would often find him near the trailer with a great book in hand.

Philip has always loved the outdoors and being on the go. Early on he showed interest in how things went together, or more probably how they came apart! He loved to work with his hands, and was often digging, building, or taking things apart.

Jason has gone on to complete two degrees. Philip has gone on to be certified in two professions!

While the degrees are in frames, I have lamented that Philip needs to have a couple of things on the wall too! He’s a journeyman carpenter and an advanced life support paramedic!

While we were Philip I found sitting on the garage floor with some other odds and ends awards he had received while training to be a carpenter! I’ve talked about my favourite chair that he built in competition for the Alberta skills competition. Well here’s the reward for that.

And then he went on to the national competition in Halifax where he finished in first place!

So, while Philip will likely not be pleased to see that this is on the blog….he doesn’t want to be boastful… I would like to brag a bit about how proud I am of this accomplishment. I hope he’ll get them up on the wall soon to acknowledge the hard work behind these! Carpenters are first and foremost great mathematicians!

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