Hello from the Meighen Residence

I don’t think that the pandemic has been harder on anyone than the seniors who have found themselves confined to their homes. Remember that these are adults who made choices all their lives about where to go, who to be with, how to spend time and money and suddenly they have lost that freedom and been isolated from what they need most – the company of others.

My Mom lives here – she just passed one year in this residence. There are lots of adjustments to living in a community like this, especially when you don’t do your own cooking. While the security of having someone near, especially medical assistance is hard to replace if you’re living on your own, there is always a trade off.

Move in day 2019

In the image above Mom is on the balcony of her place and we’re visiting on Mother’s Day, but of course we weren’t allowed in.

One of the nice things that her church, the North Toronto Community Church, has been doing is providing music to the residence – the three Ewing gals have been great!

The corps featured this lovely video of members who live at the residence saying hello to everyone! You’ll find Mom at the 1:04 mark – and of course there are many folks here who we’ve known almost all our lives.

Thanks NTCC!

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  1. Adele says:

    What a lovely video! It was nice to see some familiar faces.

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