Introducing the producer


Last weekend was our territorial commissioning weekend. It’s the time that TSA ordains and commissions it’s new officers. These folks have completed the residential training portion of their development as officers and will now move to field work where they will receive five more years of training and education.

The event on this weekend usually happens live and was suppose to be in Toronto this June. The pandemic put an end to that but the event went ahead – only virtually.

With a crew in Winnipeg, one in Toronto and a third party managing the merging of signals it turned out to be a pretty seamless production. And who organized the event, who worked with the College, the communications group, the executive offices to make it all happen? Yes it was Wendy! She was, for the most part the producer!

Here she is in her place with her copy of the layout of production making sure everyone is where they are suppose to be, doing what they are suppose to do.

I am super proud of her ability and her attention to detail was spot on for this event. She’s smart, tactful, organized and insightful. She kept all the parties engaged and got the job done – but more than that – she got it done in style with everyone happy with the product and each other.

Well done Wendy!

And here’s me watching from my desk!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    way to go Wendy, you are always good at what you do no matter the situation you are loved and appreciated for sure and I thought it went well when I watched from my apartment

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