May 1st

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

There are things you inherit from your family like eye colour, height, sense of humour, or even how your hair grows – or doesn’t! You might inherit a lamp, a table and chairs or even a trunk full of trinkets.

But there are other things you inherit like “sayings” and here’s one of ours. What’s that about? It is from a British folklore tradition, that saying rabbits, or rabbits, rabbits, rabbits first thing in the morning, before saying anything else, on the first day of the month brings good luck. There is some evidence, though scant, that it was meant to bring fertility – thus the animal – rabbit.

So on this first day of the month – and you’ll note it’s at the top of the post – rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.  We know that there’s no value-added nor harm but it’s a bit of fun and a reminder of things passed down from one generation to another.


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