May 2nd

One year ago, Mom woke up in her new place in the Meighen Retirement Residence.  After living in St. Catherines for all these years, it was time to sell the condo and come into the Meighen. We have been thrilled to have her closer as the run to and from St. Catherines was becoming more and more painful as the QEW filled up and the ability to get around the west end of the lake squeezed too many vehicles onto too few roads.

Who would have thought a year later we would be in these circumstances. This isn’t forever and we’ll be back to life, perhaps not as we knew it, as certainly, it will be different.


So happy one year anniversary of the move to your new home! Isn’t it interesting to think you lived at 84 Davisville when you were 18 years of age – here you are again!



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