The quiet streets

While the days are full of video conference calls, phone calls, emails and the like as we navigate through the demands placed on our systems so we can support and resource our people.

It’s a time to pause and to reflect on not only what makes up a day but what makes up life. This is a good reminder that the best things in life are not things.  While the things of life help us be comfortable, in the end, they aren’t usually what matters.

I stepped outside the house yesterday, a rather gloomy day, and for a few minutes enjoying the sound of the birds singing. Our neighbours were also on their front step doing the same and so we had a brief exchange. They reported all was well, feeling a bit bored and wished us well in our home and in our work.

Then after stepping into the house, I thought about this verse of Scripture:

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. – Psalm 90:12

If these days of being at home – of dwelling in isolation – it a good reminder to remember that Psalm 90 begins…

Lord, through all the generations you have been our home! – Psalm 90:1

So try to rest in Him, make your home in him, and of course, trust Him. Remember we’re not in this forever, but the Lord is our home forever.

Have a good day – trust the Lord and wash your hands – don’t touch your face.

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