Blessings abound

Something very different happened this past weekend. Wendy and I had a parallel celebration of sorts….let me start at the beginning.

Last year in April Kingswood University had their grad weekend and I was invited as a graduating (graduand) student of their MA program. I was unable to attend and so missed the opportunity to “walk across the stage” at the sound of my name with my gown and regalia on. The customs of academia are very interesting and old. The regalia has quite a bit of significance and like military uniform markings has a story to it that other academics can read by looking at it.

Since I didn’t get to my grad weekend I never got to wear my regalia.

But this weekend I was in Winnipeg for the graduation weekend for our graduands. I’m on the board of trustees and we wear our regalia to the event – even getting to parade in! So while everyone else was celebrating their grad…in a sense we were celebrating mine.

I have been so blessed, and so David’s question seems appropriate. Who am I?

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