Father Philip leaves Rome

Of the many blogs I follow (about 65) there is one that really keeps me coming back for more.  This Roman Catholic priest is a prolific blogger, and has been, according to his blog working on a Ph.D. in Rome.  He’s just posted that he’s being sent back to his home country of the USA.  Now that’s not really an exciting revelation to be blogging about I suppose – I mean this kind of reassigning happens in many denominations and the RC Church is no different.

What caught my attention in his post is that he’s been told he’s moving but doesn’t know where he’ll be assigned. It hearkens back to a day when as Salvation Army Officers we too were given the news we were moving and then would be told, in about a week, where we would be assigned.  Remember when?

Those were days of tension for everyone – waiting to know where the location would be.  I have no idea why the two pieces of news couldn’t be communicated at the same time…but that was the way it was.  I was just a kid, but you can imagine how my friends reacted when I told them we were moving but we didn’t know where.  Today the response would be “Seriously??!!”

It was a different day – a different culture.  Hard to believe that in the broad stroke of time it was just a few moments ago.  I’m not sure that anyone really thought of it in moral terms, that is whether it was right or wrong, it just simply was the way things were done.

So I’m interested to hear that Father Philip is still in the same system.  I thought we  were slow to change.

By the way, if you ever compare church government you will see a very close relationship between us and the Roman Catholic Church.  God bless Father Philip as he prepares for service in a new setting.

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