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Predictions for 2013

Last December, on the 31st I wrote a review of 2011 and that post entitled 2011 in Review ended with this:
Finally…my predictions for 2012
  • Prince William and Lady Kate will announce that she’s pregnant…
  • The Federal NDP will pick a leader who will live to regret ever wanting to step into Jack Layton’s shoes
  • President Obama will win a second term with a new theme…No we can’t!
  • Canada will see a renewed interest in maple syrup exports
  • The price of gas will continue to go up as our dollar weakens…watch for a 90 cent loonie!
  • Fred & Wendy will visit Alberta to see Philip and Amanda!
So as you can see, I did get three right, maybe four depending on how you think Tom Mulcair feels about where he’s ended up.  I was way off on the 90 cent Loonie as of today it still sits above par.  However with a strengthening US economy and our’s a weakening economy perhaps my predictions for the next year will be better.
So wondering what my 2013 predicitons are?  Have I got you on the edge of your seat?  Is your pen and paper ready?
Here goes.

My predictions for 2013
  • Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will give have a baby girl and name her Diana
  • The price of gasoline will rebound and by mid August be at $100 + for a barrel of oil…though I still haven’t gotten into the habit of buying my oil in bulk
  • Wendy and I will have a Florida holiday
  • The NHL will have no labour disputes in the 2013-14 season but attendance will be down by 20%
  • The Provincial government of Ontario will continue to escalate into maddness and an election will be held
  • Mayor Rob Ford will be re-elected in a by-election but will soon after be ticketed by the police for texting and driving
  • RIM will find itself in a good year but Microsoft will have a very,very good year
  • and finally….my predictions call for me to be in my present appointment this time next year!

Alexandria Virgina

I have been to Washington DC a couple of times – once when I was 7 years of age.  I blogged about that here.  The second time was with the family in 1999 as our “east coast vacation”.  I’m right across the river in Alexandria Virginia and tonight we went for a walk down to the OLD TOWN.  Coppled stone streets, plenty of nice shops and terrific restaurants are everywhere.

Here’s a bit of a pictorial journal of the area.

cobble stone street

colourful row houses

outdoor cafe

great restaurants

lots of pedestrians

tiny dog in cool trike

historic buildings

quaint stores

photograph it don’t buy it

local political paper

picture perfect

Father Philip leaves Rome

Of the many blogs I follow (about 65) there is one that really keeps me coming back for more.  This Roman Catholic priest is a prolific blogger, and has been, according to his blog working on a Ph.D. in Rome.  He’s just posted that he’s being sent back to his home country of the USA.  Now that’s not really an exciting revelation to be blogging about I suppose – I mean this kind of reassigning happens in many denominations and the RC Church is no different.

What caught my attention in his post is that he’s been told he’s moving but doesn’t know where he’ll be assigned. It hearkens back to a day when as Salvation Army Officers we too were given the news we were moving and then would be told, in about a week, where we would be assigned.  Remember when?

Those were days of tension for everyone – waiting to know where the location would be.  I have no idea why the two pieces of news couldn’t be communicated at the same time…but that was the way it was.  I was just a kid, but you can imagine how my friends reacted when I told them we were moving but we didn’t know where.  Today the response would be “Seriously??!!”

It was a different day – a different culture.  Hard to believe that in the broad stroke of time it was just a few moments ago.  I’m not sure that anyone really thought of it in moral terms, that is whether it was right or wrong, it just simply was the way things were done.

So I’m interested to hear that Father Philip is still in the same system.  I thought we  were slow to change.

By the way, if you ever compare church government you will see a very close relationship between us and the Roman Catholic Church.  God bless Father Philip as he prepares for service in a new setting.