The full colours of an Ontario autumn

Along the Credit River

October in Ontario strikes me as the annual time of year when God is at His artistic best.  It is as if he’s been holding back on His best colours, saving them for a final symphony of glory before the pale scenes of winter strike the landscape.  It’s as if He is saying through His creation – nature is not dying, it is getting rest before the glory of spring fills the air.

I love October and today October was at it’s best.  The outdoors gave my task of winterizing the trailer and me a real treat.  In the midst of preparing for winter I had kept wishing time would simply stand still for a bit and I could stretch the few hours into a few days.  It is on days like this I marvel at our ability to capture something of the beauty to share in a photograph.  I don’t understand it entirely.  I simply appreciate it – and on a thanksgiving weekend that’s enough for me.

A carpet of leaves

Autumn flowers

Maple Leafs

The beauty of the earth

God’s handiwork

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