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Day One – Global Leadership Summit – 2013

The main auditorium seats 7500 
Chicago is an interesting city, and this is our third visit to it.  Our purpose here, to attend the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek takes to the suburb of South Barrington.  Last night we did a dry run over to Willow Creek as we had never been there before.  It is a huge facility and we looked forward to this day’s activities.
Entrance to the main auditorium
The Summit, day one, was inspiring and motivational.  The speakers – Bill Hybels, General Colin Powell, Patrick Lencioni and the others were captivating.  Wendy and I visited Willow’s bookstore The Seed and found some good resources to purchase.
When you enter the facility you are greeted by high ceilings and bright windows.  While it is large it is a warm place 
General Colin Powell
Of course moving this many people around, feeding them, providing printed materials etc takes a great many people and volunteers were everywhere.
I loved the gentle yet powerful way of Colin Powell, the inspiring speech of Bill Hybels and the humour of Patrick Lencioni. 
General Colin Powell

Patrick Lencioni
Bob Goff was also inspiring and a great deal of fun to listen to – and when you hear what he’s done you will be amazed.
Of course the Summit isn’t just about good speakers or a great location – it’s about investing in leadership development and finding renewal in the very tough world of leading.  I don’t have to tell you how quickly the world is changing and how challenging it is to lead in the Christian church – these are tough days.
But the church has had many tough days – and the days of Jesus weren’t a walk in the park either.  So why would we expect anything different.  The Summit provides a reminder that God’s Kingdom isn’t about success, it is about significance and about serving the community. 
Tomorrow is day two and I’m looking forward to the other speakers.  I am looking forward to the ongoing reminder of how God is using people to change this very fallen world. 
Food trucks – part of the feeding of the 8000

The “old” sanctuary

The Cafe

The Market Place

Bill’s daughter

introducing Bob Goff

Bill and supports listen

Mark Burnett’s ride

Scouting out Willow Creek Community Church

We drove into the campus today….didn’t enter the building, but my goodness what a large facility.  Their campus makes the Crystal Cathedral campus look small!  The parking lot might be compared to that of a good size mall.

We’re looking forward to the next two days.  Here’s the schedule:  http://www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership/schedule.asp

And here’s the speakers: http://www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership/speakers.asp

If you’ll pray for us and those in attendance it would be appreciated.

Off to Willow Creek

Willow Creek is a name known to all pastors….well most pastors.  It was described by a friend of mine as Disneyland for pastors!  We’ll see for ourselves shortly.  This is the Global Leadership Summit and is an international event.  We’ve been invited to attend as a guest of Willow Creek Canada.

Congregational ministry is still our great love and to see if there are tools that can be used to strengthen it is important.

I’ve also just picked up a copy of Os Guinness’ book “the last christian on earth” (2010) and while the title doesn’t give it the appeal of an encouraging book about ministry I am looking forward to the insights gained.

We’ve been using the “lifecycle of a church” with congregations to help them understand the normal life of a congregation and to address the reasons for decline.  It is always interesting to me to see the leadership of a congregation light up as they work through this exercise.